2ND HAND Pukas Surfboards - ACID PLAN by Axel Lorentz - 5'7" x 19,5 x 2,36 x 28,25L - AX08662

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The Acid Plan · The New Alternative to High Performance

We love to bring uniqueness to you and we are proud to have done it once again. Now you can add something alternative to your high performance quiver. The Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard: Twin-Fin, Alternative & Radical.
Once you get yours, you’ll say: It never looked better, ripping it hard. 


Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboards  

· Pukas Acid Plan: Twin-Fin, Alternative & Radical ·

We bring you a whole new buddy for high performance. This is how we can rapidly describe our new high performance design that encompasses years and years of experience designing twin-fin and high performance surfboards.

Pukas’ Head of Shape Designs, Axel Lorentz, has brought up as a result something alternative to the high performance twin fin arena: the new Acid Plan.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboards Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboards


It was Hawaiians Mason and Coco Ho who legitimized this alternative twin-fin design in Mexico, while filming for The Electric Surfboard Acid Test by Stab. Since then, this board has won its rightful place as a favorite in our team’s quiver.

A solid ground has been stablished for a new chapter at Pukas: The Acid Plan.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard

Kepa Acero with his new Acid Plan.

Having high performance in mind, this shape here stands between the twin-fin and the thruster, bringing the best out of the two worlds.

If you are thinking about the fins, we recommend this as a 2+1, but if you want to go bullocks with it, custom order the Acid Plan with channels.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard

 Roberto D'amico & Natxo Gonzalez when they got their Pukas Acid Plan Surfboards.



Here you go some inside pro tips so you can get to know the Acid Plan better and the possibilities that you have if you decide to custom build your own.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard 

The surfboards you will find in stock in Pukas Surf Shop are Twin + 1 fin set up with round tail. Let's see what we can do with this combo.

 · Twin + 1 | Axel Lorentz loves to play as you may know by now.  He toyed once again and now you have the advantage to exquisitely tune the board according to the wave conditions.

· Fast and lose twin feeling for smaller or flatter sessions 
· For more demanding conditions, add some drive and control with the trailer  sacrificing a bit of speed.

In the Pukas Surfboards Custom Board Builder, you will be able to keep playing a bit more and having the Acid Plan Surfboard done with channels. Remember that this options is only available as a twin, not twin + 1.

· W/ Four Channels | The Acid Plan with channels will add some extra drive and acceleration within the board itself to your surfing. No need for an extra fin for that.

Keep the twin-fin experience and spice it up with lots of control and speed. Enjoy pushing it to the limit.

· 4 channels between the twin-fins through the tail to do that. 
· Flatter area and a clean rail, the fins will help the board work for a wide range of waves, also not the perfect ones as you’ve seen Mason Ho so during E.A.S.T by Stab.

· Secret-Tip | If you have been in any of Wave Gardens locations, we should tell you that this surfboard is one of our staff's favourite when it comes to artificial waves 🔥.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard

Kai Odriozola cherishing one of the Pukas Acid Plan Surfboards & Stock Dims available at the Pukas Custom Board Builder.



If you are thinking about the fins and which would be a good fit for this surfboard. You are lucky because we bring you not a good, but the best fit for both versions of this board, wether you decide to go for the Twin + 1 or the Twin with Channels: 

> Futures x Pukas x Axel Lorentz | Twin + 1

> Futures x Pukas x Axel Lorentz | Twin

We recommend you get one of these BFF for this Alternative High Performance fired-up surfboard.

Pukas Surf Shop - Pukas Acid Plan Surfboard

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